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The best new photoshop images from this October. Enjoy!

I slowed down my tumblr postings because frankly it’s hard to find quality pieces on the internet. Now this collection is different. It’s fresh. It’s new. I’ve seen similar retouching but not exactly the in same quality as this one. Caution though: this is slightly NSFW, just in case the overzealous boss is lurking in the background.

A collection of some very funny and interesting print ads.

Two light painting posts in a row? Yes please. I found this great collection of light painting pictures while surfing in the Enjoy

Some great examples of light paintings. It’s a technique where you literally paint a photograph using a flashlight. I used the method a number of times and I’m always surprised of the surreal outcome of the image.

This is the perfect picture collection to satisfy your inner Salvador Dali. Caution some pics are mildly NSFW


Canon Pixma - Bringing Color to Life

I have yet to see a photographer that matches David Hills illustrative style yet. With his hyperealistic look and busy settings, it is a genre he fully owns. Here’s a good list of all his amazing work.